Sabrina White

Winning Miss Gay America in 2002 and All American Goddess pageant in 2018, Sabrina White of St Louis, Missouri is working at Hamburger Mary’s four nights a week and shares love through her drag!

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Interviewer: When did you first hear about drag?

Interviewee: I first heard about drag in 1992 I just left college in Kentucky and went to Louisville Kentucky my very first gay bar and I saw all these people on stage and I said ouu I can do that. I found out they were men in dresses actually lip singing and not singing live. I was like oh cool, so I did it for Halloween for fun then I won most beautiful Halloween, I kept winning pageant after pageant and Ive been doing it for almost 30 years now.

Interview with Sabrina White May 10 2019

Interviewer: What would you say was your first reaction to drag was, were you kind of surprised were you like..

Interviewee: I was intrigued, I wanted to be on stage I came from a theater background myself, I did all the theaters and choirs so to me being able to express who I am is a bonus.

Interviewer: So when did you first start performing drag/?

Interviewee: Probably the year after I saw a year after I saw my first drag show in 93′ in Louisville Kentucky at the connection complex, I did my first amateur night there and I won that. My very first one I did Shirley Murdock- In your eyes, that was the song I did. I wore a white pants jump suit. I looked horrible, I remember everything.

Interviewer: You have to start somewhere, Why did you start performing?

Interviewee: It was a chance to be on stage again because after college I lost my voice so I couldn’t perform anymore on stage and sing anymore so it was a chance for me to be on stage again without having to singing. Plus I was gay and I liked being on stage it was a way to meet boys.

Interviewer: So how did your family and friends accept you getting into drag?

Interviewee: My family actually disowned me when I was 15 years old so they have no idea what I do now they have no clue, my friends support me 100 percent though. Its always good to have good friends behind you.

Interviewer: Do you have a drag name?

Interviewee: Sabrina White!

Interviewer: And where did that that come from?

Interviewee: Actually my first drag name was Sabrina Micheal because my ex boyfriend name was Micheal and Sabrina was from the movie bewitched Sabrina the witch. So I did it for fun for Halloween and I had a cat and it was Sabrina but I cant be Sabrina Sabrina so that was my name and the White came from my mentor which was Cassidy White he mentored me on makeup skills and help me improve my craft a little more so he’s my drag mama.

Interviewer: There are different styles of drag there are drag king, drag queen, comedy drag, queen artist, bio-queen, and camp which one would you say you fit into?

Interviewee:I’m drag queen or as I like to call them female impersonators. Im full boy nothing is changed or altered about me the female impersonator is who I compete as. I don’t live my life in drag all the time I don’t walk around the bars in drag I just do it for shows only.

Interviewer:How does drag right now affect your life as an artist?

Interviewee:Well right now drag is my life. I’m doing drag almost four five days a week here performing so it actually is my life it helps make my money pay my bills off right now.

Interviewer: who would you say influenced your drag?

Interviewee: probably my first show that I saw in Louisville Kentucky at connection complex that whole cast there was like four or five girls they were all in style and glamorous and it inspired me to be the best me that I can be. When I first started drag in 93′ they all were helping me giving me a piece of hair, a piece of jewelry, trying to push and encourage me to be better.

Interviewer: Do you consider your drag political? Why or Why not?

Interviewee: Political, no mines is like fun drag its a chance to escape reality and perform for people and leave their worries and troubles and just have fun and kind of sit back and relax. I do it for pure entertainment.

Interviewer: Now we are going to talk about your life as a drag artist. Do you have a drag family?

Interviewee: The cast here like like my sisters at Hamburger Mary’s. My family is my drag mother and I do have a drag step mother in Baltimore. Right now I have two drag kids and they have drag kids of their own so I’m like the mother of most the drag queens in the Baltimore area and DC.

Interviewer: So you perform here at Hamburger Mary’s, do you perform anywhere else?

Interviewee: I perform out of the country sometimes and I performed in Las Vegas last weekend. I get to travel a lot. Miss Gay America opened up a lot of doors for me. I have been to almost every state expect for four states. I have not been to Denver, New Hampshire, Washington State and Colorado.

Interviewer: How many nights do you perform here?

Interviewee: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I own show twice a month on Saturday and three shows on Saturday so a total of 8 shows a week.

Interviewer: How do you identify as far as sex, gender identity?

Interviewee: I’m a dude in a dress, 100 percent boy.

Interviewer: How has drag impact you and change you?

Interviewee: I don’t think it changed me at all. Its bettered my life a little the money is so good. It gives me a chance to travel the country and have fun and meet people all the time.

Interviewer: Do you feel like you more outgoing?

Interviewee: As Sabrina yes! As Russel no I like to sit by the pool read a book sit at home and cook something.

Interviewer: What do you think about RuPaul Drag Race?

Interviewee: I think she opened up for a lot of mainstream community but what she has done bad for the gay community is, she made it so that people don’t come to the bars and watch our shows at the gay bars and all the gay bars has kinda shut down because drag is so mainstream now. Hamburger Mary’s surviving because it is more of a straight crowd.

Interviewer: How did you sexual identity change or impact drag for you? Share one or more of your social identities that has impacted you identity or vice versa.

Interviewee: I’m not much of a dancer anymore. I use to dance and be able to do the splits and stuff now I get all winded after 30 seconds of dancing and I’m like okay that’s enough I go walk around now.

Interviewer: How do you define drag?

Interviewee: I don’ t even know what my definitions of it is anymore, it’s changed so much from when I first started. It’s all inclusive anyone that wants to put on a wig can do it, it’s just entertaining for the crowd. To me a cross dresser is someone that just puts on clothes and just walks around, a drag queen is someone that actual gets dressed up and performs for a crowd.

Interviewer: What do you think is the purpose of drag?

Interviewee: To escape reality or to entertain a crowd and allow them to escape their own reality for an hour or two, just to have fun and to let go.

Interviewer: Do you think drag is sexual why or why not?

Interviewee: I don’t think its sexual at all

Interviewee: No, Its like going to a board way show or like watching lion king, you might get turned on by their costumes or their nakedness but it’s not sexual at all I don’t think.

Interviewer: If you could change one thing about drag, the drag scene or the drag community what would it be and why?

Interviewee: I don’t think we have to change anything because we are all doing it for fun its our money and we are investing a lot of money into it now and it evolved so much that we are all different in a way. What I wish people would do more of as drag queens is use their voice to give back to the community more and raise money for organizations. I have been working with doorways to raise money.

Interviewer: What are some misconceptions that you think people have about drag?

Interviewee: That we love wearing woman’s clothing. It’s so uncomfortable, it is not pleasant at all. They think we sit at home and walk around in our panties and bra and watch TV.

Interviewer: If you could choose one thing you want people to know or learn about drag what would it be?

Interviewee: That it is a lot of hard work, it isn’t easy, to some people it comes easier than others but it’s still a lot of work we do, it is a job.

Interviewer: What pageants have you won?

Interviewee:Ive won Miss Gay America six titles, state and regional. And right now I’m competing for the All American Goddess pageant.

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